Olde Growth - Owl EP cover artFinally, after dragging our feet for various reasons I won’t go into, we are ready to release the follow up to our self-titled record – a self-titled EP! We’ve been playing these songs forever, and it feels good to finally get the recordings out into the world properly. For the sake of avoiding confusion we’re referring to it as Owl EP, well, because of the giant owl on the cover. We’re unveiling a track a day, and then the thing will be available on a free / donation basis for a limited time. Yesterday’s track was “Tears of Blood“; today you can listen to “Edge of the Sea” in all of its streaming glory.

We’re happy to be working with Hydro-Phonic Records again on a forthcoming vinyl release, and with Tor Johnson Records digitally. We’ll also be doing a limited CD-R and cassette run ourselves, which will be available for pre-order on the bandcamp page. The EP was recorded by Summoner guitarist AJ Peters and mastered by James Plotkin, with artwork by John Trimmer.