Northampton / Keene Weekend

We just got back from a nice little weekend on the road with Leeches of Lore and Elder. Friday night we opened the show at Elevens in Northampton, MA. An excellent sound system, room setup and billiards tables make this a stellar venue to play. Aside from a minor snag (Ryan kicking a hole in his bass drum head) we played a solid set to an appreciative audience.

Albuquerque New Mexico’s Leeches of Lore followed with their unique blend of spaghetti western style folk and blistering heavy metal. After the Leeches, Elder hit the stage for their second to last outing before a year long hiatus. From the first chords of “White Walls”, Elder engulfed the room in their epic dirges, offering up plenty of groove, smashing drums and some very pretty guitar work. Northampton locals Problem with Dragons closed out the night, a highlight being the huge sound their drummer coaxed out of her very minimal drum kit.

Saturday we headed out on a scenic drive to Keene, NH. No trip to Keene would be complete without a visit to Turn it Up! records and Armadillos Burritos. We joined the Leeches for happy hour, enjoying $2 pints of Dogfish Head. In the words of Senator John Kerry, “I LOVE New Hampshire!”


Black Pyramid headlined the show at Knights of Columbus, which brought in a young crowd as well as some seasoned metal-heads. Also present were the late Pope John Paul II and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! They mostly hung out on the walls, but I think they were diggin’ the tunes pretty heavily.

Keene based two-piece Black Norse kept the riffs going, and Black Pyramid treated us us to some old favorites as well as tracks from their excellent new split LP with Olde One. Elder closed the night with a surprise encore at the bequest of the audience, and with my eyes closed I thought I was listening to Sleep kicking out the jams back in ‘92! Hopefully we can see those guys rock again before the world ends in 2012!