S/T Vinyl, Split LP and Tour Recap

It’s been long time coming, but the vinyl edition of our Self-Titled LP is due out in late May/early June via Hydro-Phonic Records. Not only will it feature awesome new artwork by John Trimmer, but the subtle differences from the original CD version make the LP a whole new listening experience that is closer to our original vision for the album. We got a chance to listen to the test press during our stay in Grand Rapids, MI, and I can honestly say that it’s the best I’ve ever heard this record sound. We also had the pleasure of hearing the new Sons of Tonatiuh LP before it drops, and it fucking slays!


In other news, our new EP (which came with us on tour in the form of a limited edition cassette) will see release this summer via Magnetic Eye Records, as a split LP with Mexico City’s Akuma. More info to come.

So we recently came off the heels of a little jaunt into the Midwest, rattling skulls and blowing of all our hard earned cash on records. Rochester, NY’s Needle Drop and Bloomington, IN’s Landlocked Records are worth mentioning for some good finds and reasonable prices. After a fun little last minute gig in Scotia, NY with Yoma we headed off to Oberlin College to play at their campus bar, The Sco. They had a nice selection of craft brews in the fridge – and a few on tap – all of which were free for these guys. I’ll say this, those Oberlin kids know how to headbang! I should also mention that the campus is quite gorgeous and features some sick architecture.

Fast forward to our Bloomington show at The Gourley Hole (on Gourley St), a place that takes the basement show experience to a whole other level.  Located in what at least feels to us city kids like out in the woods, the space is adorned with posters from past shows. A lot of care has been put into making it feel like a “venue” – the makeshift bar, background music between bans (it’s wired to play through the whole house) and the super rad wall of TVs at the back of the room, where obscure sci-fi and horror films provide enhanced atmosphere for the bands that play. Oh – and that “Gideon’s Holy Muff” piece in our previous post – that’s where it came from. Definitely a very cool and unique spot.

In Columbus, Carabar treated us well with half price Kentucky Bourbon Ale and a phenomenal falafel quesadilla (the one and only time I’ve ever seen such a thing). The most unusual show of this tour was probably in Pittsburgh (I’ve read that Fugazi played in college dorm rooms on some our their early tours, and this wasn’t too far off), but it was kind of cool playing an attic bedroom. It’s always fun to see another two-piece that isn’t doing the stoner/sludge/doom thing, and these guys rocked the fuck out! (the band I’m talking about is US, and sorry folks, no recordings to link to). Also, Pittsburgh is kind of a gorgeous city.

Somehow the best was reserved for last, because the show at the Alamo in New Brunswick, NJ was absolutely fucking killer! Although the place doesn’t have much of a stoner/sludge scene, it seemed to work in our favor as the metal-heads came out in full force for the slow, heavy jams. We got to play with some sick bands – including Alamo residents Eternal Fuzz and the brutal-as-fuck Pharaoh – and more importantly, in front of a packed room of totally rad folks. Our set was filmed, so hopefully some video will surface soon. And oh yeah, kittens.

Once more, we want to thank our friend Justin over at Oberlin College for making this tour possible. Can’t wait to do it again!

For updates please check our Facebook page. Email oldegrowthbooking@gmail.com for venue addresses not listed.

4/15 @ WK, Allston, MA (email for address)
with Set, Vaast 7pm Facebook event
4/17 @ J Watt’s Barista House, Soctia, NY
with Yoma 7pm | All Ages | FREE Facebook event
4/18 @ TBA (help needed)Buffallo/Rochester NY
4/19 @ The Sco (Oberlin College), Oberlin, OH
with Blackout 10pm | 18+ | $5/ $2 w/ Oberlin ID
4/20 @ Mulligans Pub, Grand Rapids, MI
with Ozenza, BerT, Mass Murder Phenomena
9pm | 21+ | FREE Facebook event
4/21 @ TBA (help needed)
4/22 @ The Gourley Hole, 1003 W Gourley Pike, Bloomington, IN
with Dolphin Mouth, LEGS 8pm Facebook event
4/23 @ Carabar, Columbus, OH
with Traitors Return to Earth, Drose | Facebook event
9pm | 18+ | Free
4/24 @ 222 Sapling Way, Pittsburgh, PA
with Low Man, Purge, Us, Erased Facebook event
4/25 @ Alamo, New Brunswick, NJ (email for address)
with Pharoah, Eternal Fuzz -  8pm | $5 | Facebook event