Olde Growth is a two piece from Boston, MA with a heavy, down-tempo style that feels right at home in the “doom/sludge/stoner metal” paradigm, while refusing to be contained. With what is widely considered the rhythm section, Olde Growth creates music that evokes the awe inspiring relics of the natural world – giant trees that span millennia, jagged, snow-capped mountains that only the bravest of souls attempt to scale, oceans who’s mysterious depth are as alien as the most imaginative worlds out of science fiction.

Olde Growth’s self-titled debut (Meteorcity, 2011) weighs in with thick, heavy slabs of sludge, raw brutal energy, monolithic riffs and vocals that run the gamut from piercing screams to soft, nuanced and melodic. The vinyl edition, released by Hydro-Phonic Records in June of 2012, features all new artwork by John Trimmer.

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Stephen LoVerme – bass & vocals, Ryan Berry – drums